About The Festival

   Information about the 2018 Lititz Kid-Lit Restival can be found on the main Aaron’s Books Website- AaronsBooks.com

 I’ve attended the Lititz Book Festival and been to Aaron’s Books a few times over the years, and I was always charmed by the community and walkability of this little town. Lititz provided a great blueprint as place where a kid could walk from their house to town to school without a problem, plus it was near Amish country and Philadelphia (which both feature heavily in THE MIGHTY ODDS). Also, I wanted to be invited back to the book festival. ~~ 2016 FEATURED AUTHOR, Amy Ignatow


About the Festival

Our festival’s mission is to bring together kids, parents, teachers and authors to celebrate the beauty of the written (and illustrated word) for the younger readers (and those of us that don’t want to stop reading good that remind us of our youth). Aaron’s Books is located in the heart of Central Pennsylvania. We are family owned and operated since opening in 2005. The store is named after Aaron, who is 14 years old.
Now in its 9th year- here are some pictures from previous festivals, featuring Sharon Robinson, Nick Bruel, Brian Biggs, Daniel Kirk, Tom Angleberger, Matt Phelan, Eric Wight, Josh Berk, Mitali Perkins and lots of other great writers for kids of all ages!